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Sarah Cooke

I only had four Bitcoins to sell, but found none of the exchanges would let me without a lengthy ID process, including giving them my bank details. And they wanted me to pay a fee to register as a seller; all I wanted was to offload the BTC I had. COINpod.net let me sell my Bitcoins easily, with zero hassle. Thanks!

Daniel Hardwick

Selling my bitcoins proved to be nearly impossible with other sites--the BTC system just isn't set up to let people offload a few bitcoins here and there. I just wanted to sell my bitcoins for paypal, and that's exactly what COINpod.net lets me do! Thanks.

Philip Martin

I wanted to sell my Bitcoins but was frustrated at how difficult it was. Then I found COINpod.net, and managed to cash out my Bitcoins in exchange for a Paypal transfer in just a few minutes.

I love it. Fantastic.