The Team

Sell Bitcoin to Paypal TeamWe're four people who love Bitcoin, and work as a sub team of our larger Bitcoin investment company, BTCSystems.

One of us is the ideas man, two programmers and the other, well, what does Mike actually do? Hey Mike! Get out of here! :)

Back in 2012 we saw a need for a system that allowed people to sell bitcoin to paypal, directly. Of course Paypal wasn't going to do it, so we stepped in to do it for them.

We love this system and how many people have used it to sell their bitcoins in exchange for Paypal. We also use it for our own portfolios, hell a good proportion of the 50,000+ times our system has been used have been ourselves.

We invite you to give it a go too. And of course, feel free to get in touch.

Paul, Bryce, Jimmy & Mike