Sell Bitcoin for Paypal

Selling Bitcoin for PaypalSelling Bitcoin in exchange for Paypal payments couldn't be easier. Simply input your Paypal address in this form, click Next and you'll be given a unique code to send the BTC payment to.

The rest happens automatically.

It's handy to sell Bitcoins to Paypal

The problem has always been that Bitcoin exchanges are intended to help you buy Bitcoins, but not really to cash-out Bitcoins.

In the UK for example, the two systems that allow you to sell your BTC are bitbargain and bittybot. Bitbargain charges a lot of BTC to sign up as a seller and requires you pass an online exam. Bittybot stipulates you must be able to commit to selling thousands of pounds worth of Bitcoins each week.

For most casual Bitcoin owners, those sorts of requirements are really prohibitive.

How COINpod helps cash-out your Bitcoins

COINpod gives another option. Simply generate your unique payment address, and send as many coins as you'd like to it.

When the payment is verified, COINpod uses the current rate (taken from the the Bitpay API, listed on this site) to immediately send the value of your coins to your Paypal address. Paypal automatically converts any payment into your local currency.