[Airdrop]Sapphire Coin

Sapphire Coin is the exclusive currency for the new skill-based, patent pending, game with world’s biggest jackpot of it’s kind. The One Click Millionaire game – ClickJackpot. The Sapphire Coin enables people to win some of the highest prices in the history, and use the coins worldwide with free buy & sell on the selected digital currency exchanges. Sapphire Coin is rated 4,6/5 by ICO Token News.

Sapphire Coin is airdropping 100 SPH tokens to airdrop participants. ICO token price: 1 SPH = 0,33 USD

How to join?

  • 1. Sign up on Sapphirecoin.io (phone and email verification is required)
  • 2. Verify your email that you will receive from PayApi escrow and set up a password 
  • 3. You will see 100 SPH token on your dashboard

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