BitRewards (BIT) Whitepaper Whitepaper

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BitRewards is a B2B2C platform for creating loyalty programs for online trading and service enterprises, based on a single ecosystem with the use of blockchain technology and an internal cryptocurrency. Its technology is based on GIFTD, a SaaS project operating in the field of user rewards and loyalty for more than five years.

BitRewards platform is built on Ethereum blockchain, and it introduces BIT tokens with a utility functionality. BitRewards tokens (BIT) are the internal currency of the platform used to carry out all transactions within the ecosystem. BIT tokens can be redeemed with any BitRewards partner store or traded at an exchange.

BitRewards ecosystem includes an infrastructural platform, community and a network of communication.

The BitRewards platform offers merchants an AI-based rewards platform and tools (plug-ins for connecting to the ecosystem, a crypto wallet, a mobile app, corporate loyalty system).

Shoppers using the BitRewards platform receive a single loyalty entry point. BitRewards provides shoppers with a crypto-wallet, a mobile app, storage system loyalty card, gift card and geofencing. Buyers using the BitRewards platform get rewards in cryptocurrency that are not tied up to one store. BitRewards tokens (BIT) earned by the shoppers can grow.

After the token launch, the platform is going to create the decentralized autonomous organization.