Crowd Machine (CMCT) Whitepaper Whitepaper

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Crowd Machine is an advanced, decentralized p2p network computer — the Crowd Computer distributed on the Crowd Machine community’s mobile devices and computers, a p2p network called Crowd Virtual Machines (CVM), where each device on the network executes decentralized apps.

Crowd Machine aims to make the process of decentralized apps development easy, fast, inexpensive.

Another element of Crowd Machine is Crowd App Studio, a blockchain agnostic zero code application builder. Crowd App Studio has access to Crowd Share, a GitHub-like repository of reusable source code created by the community.

Apps created using Crowd App Studio are then deployed to the Crowd Computer.

Also, Crowd Machine has a decentralized app marketplace for developers to sell their apps.

Crowd Machine is also focused on creating a community. Members of the community can be App Authors or App Processors (those who use their devices to run apps on the network). The community members are rewarded with Crowd Machine tokens (CMCT).

Crowd Machine tokens (CMCT) are utilities, necessary for transactions between participants in the ecosystem, controlled at the level of smart contracts.